North Bay Island

North Bay Island, Andaman

Andaman Sea beach

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North Bay Island, Andaman is an important sea beach in Andaman, near Portblair.

Kolkata to Port Balir
Kolkata to Port Balir

Portblair is the capital of Andaman and 1302 kilometer from Kolkata by air.

Locationof North Bay Island

Distance between Port Blair and North Bay Island is 8 kms or 5 miles or 4.3 nautical miles by sea. It is situated north east of portblair. By road, distance is much more

Port Blair To North Bay
Port Blair To North Bay

How to reachNorth Bay Island

The tour organizers usually arrange North Bay and Ross island at the same day, so you can not travel only North Bay. The routes are Portblair-Ross Island- North Bay- Portblair or Portblair- North Bay-Ross Island- Port blair. The route depends upon tour agency.

Trip to the North Bay Island begins from the Andaman Water Sports Complex or Junglighat Jetty. 

The boats can accommodate up to 200 people and are equipped with life jackets and life rings for your safety. 

The group is also accompanied by a guide who briefs you about the islands history during your travel. The journey to the island is good if the climate is good.

What to see at North Bay Island

North Bay Island is known as coral island. Dolphin Glass boat ride and Coral Safari Semi Submarine are also operational. There are vibrant corals, colourful fishes and variety of vegetation. These can be seen by glass bottom boating, scuba diving, Dolphin Glass boat ride and Coral Safari Semi Submarine. But all depends on weather. If the weather is sunny and clear, you are luckey, could see everything, but in cloudy weather, you may not see anything. You can spot also clams, lobster and a number of fishes.

The beach is a bit crowdy, as every tourist visit North bay and the beach is small with little facilities for rest and fooding. Still like every other beach in Andaman, the water colour, the blue sky and the scenery will stunt you. You will definitely promise to visit again.

The boat reaches North Bay Island where you get down on the island and can avail any water activity that you are interested in or can just sit by the beach and to chill out. Usually, at North Bay Island you can only get down in the waters with a guide just to consider the safety of the travellers. 

This trip is so well organized taking into account the safety of the people and also the coral reefs which surrounds this magnificent island.

Sea Walk at North Bay island is a must do activity at this island, North Bay island was handpicked by the experts for Sea Walk because such reef and varieties of fishes available here were not found at many other islands. The experience here is a memorable one.
The light house

The light house seen at the back of a 20 rupee Indian note is from the thenorth bay island. This is great.

Please note the information for North Bay Island tour

1.    If weather is not good, cloudy and rainy, donot go for snorkelling, scuba or glass boating- you may not see coral or fish.

2.    Weather of Andaman are unpredictable. In bad weather, operator may close all activities for safety.

3.    Your tour may be cancelled in bad weather and your tour operator may not make another day trip for that.

4.    Rain is usual in Andaman. Moderate rain may not hamper your tour, but keep arrangement to save from rain.

5.    Small changing rooms and toilet are available for gents and ladies.

6.    Remember the boat name , the same boat will take you back to Port Blair. Don’t worry in case you have missed your boat. Alternative arrangements on a different boat are made.

7.    Usual time needed are 3-4 hours.

8.    Andaman Dolphin Glass boat ride or Coral Safari Semi Submarine ride are costly.

9.    Though Lighthouse are hallmark of this bay, you can`t go to lighthouse area.

10.  Life jacket are must for boating and travel, so journey are safe.


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